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We are excited to welcome you back. Our team of faculty, staff and leadership has been  working tirelessly to ensure a safe return to school meeting all safety guidelines that have been provided by ISBE (Illinois State Board of Education) and IDPH (Illinois Department of Public Health). One benefit of Iqra School is our size where Alhamdullilah our small class size gives us the flexibility to easily follow social distancing and other safety guidelines which are more challenging in a public-school setting. We will be returning to school full-time for in-person learning, starting Tuesday, September 1, 2020.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will School be open in August?

Yes. School will be back in session for in-person instruction starting Monday Aug. 17th. Our timing will be the same as previous years.

Is it practical to expect students to wear masks all day long?

As required by IDPH, face covering (masks) must be worn in school at all times by everyone that enters the building over the age of 2 unless there is a doctor’s note that exempts the individual from wearing a mask for a medical reason. The students will not be wearing a mask during lunch, making wudu and recess if social distancing is maintained. We will be conducting some classes outside given the weather is nice so that the students have an opportunity to not wear a mask if social distancing is maintained.

What would the morning drop-off look like?

There will be temperature check for everyone that enters the building. For parents who will be dropping the kids using the drive-through service, as soon the child exits the vehicle, his/her temperature will be taken. We will also ask a couple of quick questions regarding the presence of any CoVID-19 symptoms. There is a possibility that we will have access to a smart app which will allow the parent to answer those questions for each child before leaving the house. We would encourage all parents to arrive a few minutes early than usual to avoid being late due to temperature check. *Parents will be discouraged to go inside the building during drop-off unless it is to comfort an emotional child during the first few weeks of school.*

Is there an option of remote learning?

Remote learning is available for families that are not comfortable coming back to school and/or have a family member with compromised immune system. You must send an email to to schedule a meeting. Once approved for remote learning, you will have to continue with that option for at least one month. The deadline to sign-up for remote learning is Aug. 10th 2020. All interested individuals will need to contact Dr. Ronald Hassan ( to set up a meeting to discuss next steps for remote learning.

Is it safe for my child to return to school?

Yes, Inshallah. We are taking all necessary precautions to prepare for a safe return. We have been following local and state guidelines and will continue to monitor our safety processes so that appropriate safety protocols can be in place. We will be doing temperature checks in the morning. Everyone is required to wear a mask. We have more vigorous cleaning in place with disinfecting classes and commonly used surfaces multiple times a day. We will be following social distancing at all times whether in class, in hallways or outside.

Will my child stay with the same group of students at all times?

Yes. We will be following a cohort model where students from each class will only be interacting with their class. Traditionally, elementary school students stay in their class all day and middle and high school students go from class to class. Moving forward, all of our students will stay in their class all day and the subject teacher will come to their class to teach.

What would recess look like?

We will have scheduled recess so that each class (cohort) will have their own recess at a specific time. If weather permits, recess will be outside and students will not be required to wear a mask given that social distancing can be maintained. The students will be allowed to use the playground (swings, slides etc.) if proper sanitization of the equipment can be maintained before each use. In an event of rain, snow or extreme weather patterns, recess will be in the gymnasium. If the recess is indoors, students will be required to wear a mask and will not be allowed to overexert themselves.

Where would students each their lunch?

The students will eat lunch in their classrooms.

Will there be physical education (PE) class?

Yes, PE is required and we will be having a PE class for all of our grade levels. All activities will be non-contact only. We will try to have PE outside so that students can take a break from masks given that social distancing can be maintained. If PE is indoors, students will be required to wear a mask and will not be allowed to overexert themselves.

Will the students be going to the masjid for prayer?

Yes. As before, our students will be going to the masjid to pray Dhuhr and Asr (when applicable). Students will pray with their own class while properly social distant in the masjid. Pre-K and KG usually pray in their class and will continue to do so.

Will the students be going to the masjid for Jumma’h?

Yes. Inshallah we will have a separate Jumma’h for Iqra students either before or after the first Jumma’h depending on the time of the year.

How would the kids be doing wudu while practicing social distancing?

Currently, lower elementary kids have designated bathroom times. We will have designated wudu times for all of the elementary classes to avoid large gatherings outside bathrooms. We will also encourage our students to get in a habit of doing wudu when using the bathroom during the day to practice the sunnah of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh). Additionally, lower elementary classes do have a sink in their classrooms and the teacher may decide to have her students perform wudu in the classroom.

What would happen if a child shows symptoms of CoVID-19 at school?

The child will be quarantined in a specified location under full supervision until he/she is picked up by his/her parents.

What would happen if a child is tested positive for CoVID-19?

Based on the current CDC guidelines, the child’s cohort class as well as the teacher will be quarantined for 14 days. The class will fully switch to remote learning for those two weeks.

. Are parents or visitors allowed in the building?

Parents and visitors are only allowed in the building by appointment or in an emergency situation.

What would dismissal look like?

Parents will NOT be allowed to come inside the school during dismissal. Dismissal would be similar to morning drop off where parents will use a drive-through type service and park while the child is escorted out. We will have plenty of staff to assist with a smooth dismissal process to ensure everyone’s safety.

What would the grading policies be next year?

Grading policy for the coming year will remain the same as it always has been. If this needs to be re-evaluated due to changes within the school year, the administration and the board will meet to discuss those changes and properly communicate to parents.

What would happen if the school need to close again due to another coronavirus outbreak?

We are fully prepared and will switch to remote learning in an event of a second wave of the outbreak. Remote learning, in this case, will be very similar to an actual day in school with 5.5-6 hours of learning.