Amara Rafiq


First Grade Teacher

Amara Rafiq is serving her first year as an educator with Rockford IQRA School. Ms. Rafiq currently teaches our 1st grade class. She has a B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. Ms. Rafiq is a graduate of Rockford Iqra School and spent her Kindergarten - 12th grade school years here. Over the years, Ms. Rafiq has been an active member of the Muslim Association of Greater Rockford. Her experience includes being a Girl Scout Leader, MAGR Youth Committee volunteer, and MAGR Sunday School instructor for Levels 5 and 6. Ms. Rafiq has remained close to her school over the years; she regularly worked as a substitute teacher at Iqra while in college. In the fall of 2017, Ms. Rafiq joined Iqra as a full-time staff member as an Administrative Assistant–which is the position she has held for the past two years. She is currently starting her second year of her M.S. Ed in counseling degree at Northern Illinois University.