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  • What grades does your school have?
    Iqra School serves Pre-K through 12th Grades. Our students are offered the best of both deen and dunyah with not only core subjects, but Islamic Studies, Quran, and Arabic taught during the school day.
  • Do you offer extracurricular activities?
    We offer many extracurricular activities for our students ranging from academics to sports which ensures there is something of interest for everyone!
  • Does Iqra offer a discount?
    Iqra offers a need based discount. Please read the financial policy under the Parents > Registration > Financial Policy.
  • Does your school have a parent organization?
    We have a PTO (Parent Teacher Organization). Our PTO helps by hosting events, raising funds for our school, and helping our teachers and students. Check out their page on our website: Organizations > PTO.
  • How long is the school day?
    Our school day begins at 8:00 AM with an assembly for all students and ends at 3:00 PM. However, during the winter months, when daylight saving time ends, Asr prayer is included within the school day (along with Dhuhr prayer) and school ends at 3:15 PM.
  • Do I have to come inside to drop off and pick up my children?
    No, parents can choose whether they would like to come inside the building or use the carpool dropoff in the West Parking Lot. However, we ask parents to respect the rules for drop off and pick up. When using the carpool service parents are requested to remain in their vehicles and only let their children out once they are within the range of the orange cones (usually 3 cars). This ensures the safety of parents, students and staff. If you would like to come inside please park your vehicle in the East parking lot (near the Main Entrance) and walk your child inside. We kindly request that your do not stop and drop off your children in front of the door which blocks all the cars behind you and creates a disruptive drop off or pick up situation.
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