Rockford Iqra School has a long history of promoting students to be individual thinkers and members of their community. Students are encouraged to become part of their student councils and become involved in being part of the bigger picture. We at Iqra believe in making sure students have a voice and are valuable members that give back to their school. 

Girls' Student Council

Boys' Student Council

Classroom Representatives

6th Grade: Afia Rafiq

7th Grade: Saja Razick

8th Grade: Shrooq Hariz

9th Grade: Bushra Almaklani

10th Grade: Razan Alghazali

11th Grade: Asma Haque 

Classroom Representatives

6th Grade: Ammar Zeater

7th Grade: Mohammed Abdulrazzak

8th Grade: Betim Jusufi

9th Grade: Usama Altayeh

10th Grade: Basheer Sherer


5925 Darlene Dr
Rockford, IL 61109



5921 Darlene Dr
Rockford, IL 61109

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